Ink Printed Lot/Date Code on Pudding Cups

Description of Application:

Check for the presence of black ink jet printing on the exterior of white and clear pudding cups with multiple colored puddings already in the cup.

Product Image

Inspection Setup:

Illumination: SB75-WHI
Lens Filter: NONE
(A) Lens Working Distance – 150mm
(B) Light Source Distance – 170mm
(C) Light Mounting Angle – 30°


The main challenges of this application are reflection and contrast. A light source that did not produce a large amount of reflection and one that would highlight the ink against the different back grounds was necessary. By utilizing white light, desirable contrast was created to read the ink clearly. However, a diffuse light source was also required. By applying diffused soft illumination on the cup, reflections are drastically reduced. The exposure of the camera rate will need to be turned down when taking an image of the clear cup with vanilla and the white cup in comparison to the clear cup with chocolate.

Application Images