About Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights is the leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for any type of machine vision or automation camera application. Our team purpose is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest cost and deliver them to the customer on time. Learn more about our team purpose.

Smart Vision Lights Advantages

Best Lead Time

We are committed to delivering the shortest lead times for machine vision lighting solutions. Most products ship from stock same day or in less than three business days.

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Built-in Driver

Our industry-first built-in drivers simplify setup and allow for full function of the light without the need of a costly external controller.

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From our expert applications solutions team to our in-person and online training, we’re the go-to for the how-to.

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IEC Testing

Our in-house LED testing lab equipment enables our certified technicians to independently measure and validate IEC 62471 data.

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A History of Innovation

We have been in business since 2007 and our innovative products were first to feature universal internal current-control drivers – offering constant-on, strobed operation – reducing cost, simplifying wiring requirements and making for the easiest installation possible. We have numerous patents for our innovative solutions. From the beginning, we have been 100% focused on innovation and supporting our customers with the highest quality products available.

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Experts in the Field

Our expert team can help with your machine vision applications.

Solutions Experts

Our expert team can provide advice on using illumination, optics, and filters to guide you to success. Whether it is simplifying a deep learning vision solution through optimized lighting, capturing images beyond the visible wavelength, configuring a photometric lighting array for computational imaging, lighting challenges in 3D imaging, or any other machine vision issue, our team of experts can help.

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Engineering Experts

Our engineering team creates lights that are revolutionizing the machine vision industry. We hold several patents for our industry innovations and our team of experts includes optical engineers, electric embedded software engineers, application engineers, and more. We can innovate solutions to your toughest issues.

Training Experts

Learn from our experts. Our facility has a training classroom and a machine vision demo area for hands-on training. We also offer online training through videos and webinars. We’re the go-to for the how-to for machine vision education and training.

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Training in machine vision at Smart Vision Lights

Total Value Solution

With Smart Vision Lights, our customers get solutions, products, collaboration and much more to ensure maximum value for their time and investment. Contact us to learn more about our products and solutions.