Brick Spot Light

Brick Spot Lights for your Machine Vision System

The Brick Light® has 6 high output, high current LED's in a small housing. Brick Light® is available in light output of White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Cyan IR and UV. Brick Light® includes an integrated constant current driver with a built in strobe input with option for PNP or NPN trigger control. No need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated driver also includes variable light intensity control. Light can be controlled by a manual potentiometer or a 0-10VDC analog signal.

This series of lights can easily be mounted to the Teledyne Dalsa BOA Camera Series using Smart Vision Lights' 5PM12-Jxxx-CTL cables. For more information, see our Teledyne Dalsa page.

S75 Brick Spot Light

S75: Spot Lights for common illumination of a vision system

Product Details

  • 6 HB high current LED's
  • Built in SMART driver - No External Driver needed
  • PNP and NPN strobe
  • Constant or Strobed Operation
  • Integrated Potentiometer Dimming
  • Remote Intensity Control - Analog 0-10VDC

ODS75: Strobe Only Spot Lights using OverDrive™

Product Details

  • Highest Power LED Lights in the Vision Industry
  • SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED's
  • 5 times brighter than standard high current LED Lights
  • Precise current provides stable Light Intensity
  • High Speed >> Fast Response
  • NPN and PNP strobe control
ODS75 Brick Spot Light with OverDrive

SB75 & ODSB75 Brick Spot Light (Backlight)

SB75: Brick Spot Light (Backlight)Six high current LED’s and a 75mm active light area provide not only an intense but diffuse light pattern at any given working distance. These series of lights also offers a manual potentiometer intensity control as well as a 0-10 VDC analog intensity control. Heat is dissipated through the aluminum back plate which allows the SB75 Series to be run at a higher current and hence greater intensity.

The SB75 Series of brick light features a Constant Current Driver with NPN or PNP signal options.

The ODSB75 Series of brick light features an OverDrive Driver with NPN or PNP signal options.

S75 - Product Details

  • Driver Built In – No External Wiring To A Drive
  • PNP and NPN strobe input
  • Continuous Operation or Strobe Mode
  • Dimmable via built in potentiometer
  • Analog intensity 0-10VDC signal
  • 2447 Acrylic Backlight Lens
  • Six, 1mm² die high current LED

ODSB75 - Product Details

  • 4-5 Times Brighter Than Standard High Current LEDs
  • PNP and NPN Strobe Input
  • OverDrive/Strobe Only
  • Dimmable Via Built In Potentiometer
  • Analog Intensity 0-10VDC Signal
  • Maximum Strobe Time - 125mS
  • Up to 5000 Strobes Per Second
  • 2447 Acrylic Backlight Lens

ODSW75 & SW75

Product Details

  • IP68 Standards
  • Meets FDA Compliancy
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Designed to operate in food applications
  • Corrosion resistant
Brick wash down is available in 2 versions. Standard spot series SW75 or OverDrive™ ODSW75 version. The OverDrive™ version is a high output strobe only model.
SW75 Brick Spot Light

CAD Drawings for the Brick Spot Light

ProductFile Format
All STEP files saved in a zip folder for easy downloading

Mounting Option for the Brick Spot Light series

Pan and Tilt Mount - PB75-M5

Brick Spot Light Mounting
ProductFile Format

Polarizers and Diffusers for the Brick Spot Light series

Diffuser Kit- DKitPolarizerDiffuser - Backlight 2447Diffuser - Backlight P95
Diffuser - Clear LensPolarizeDiffuser - UV LensDiffuser - Clear Lens

Polarizers and Diffusers Data Sheets for the Brick Spot Light Series

Brick Spot Light Videos

Camera-based Autonomous Racing System by Uppsala University of Sweden.

Brick Spot Light Video - Overdrive Series

BB Exiting a Gun

BB Exiting a Gun

High Speed Camera – 5000fps Light - ODS75 operating at 5000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)
BB Popping a Balloon

BB Exiting a Gun

High Speed Camera – 2000fps Light – ODS75 operating at 2000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)