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Product Advantages

  • Built-In Driver: This light features a built-in constant current driver, no external driver is needed.
  • IEC Safety: This light is in compliance with IEC 62471 standards and has been tested in our in house IEC safety laboratory.
  • SafeStrobe Technology: This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LED's are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits.
  • Best Lead Time: Most of our standard products ship within three business days.
  • Best Warranty: 10-year warranty on most of our products.

ODSXA30 OverDrive Adjustable Prox Light


The ODSXA30 Prox Light Series spot lights featuring an adjustable-length lens, allowing users to select the correct spot size needed for the specific application without having to adjust the position of the whole light. This light operates in OverDrive strobe mode. Equipped with convenient mounting options, the ODSXA30 also offers a completely homogeneous light pattern at any working distance for a defined and even projected spot. The ODSXA30 Prox Light includes an NPN and PNP trigger signal input with a 1-10VDC analog signal line for added versatility. The ODSXA30 Prox Light has multiple mounting options allowing for ease of install and comes with two mounting nuts.

The Right Light for Your Application

Smart Vision Lights provides a 45-day Consignment Program that is used for testing light(s) on vision applications. We also offer application and lighting evaluations. Contact us to speak with one of our lighting specialists.

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Product Details

  • Illumination Type: Bright Field, Projector
  • IP Rating: IP50
  • Min Working Distance: 500 mm
  • Max Working Distance: 4000 mm
  • Mode: OverDrive™
Configuration number: ODSXA30

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