Built-In Driver

The vast majority of our products contain a built-in driver and this separates us from others in this industry. Our built-in driver technology greatly simplifies the installation, wiring and time required to bring a system online; greatly reducing your overall cost of ownership and resulting in a simple yet elegant solution. Our built-in driver technology also saves you cost because an external driver and cables are not required for a constant-on or strobed application.

  • Allows for full function of the light without the need of a costly external controller
  • Greatly simplifies the setup and integration of the light into the inspection system

We have the following types of drivers to support your machine vision inspection requirements:

OverDrive™: Our integrated intelligent OverDrive™ driver monitors the strobe operation, maximizing output during vision system inspections.

Multi-Drive™: The Multi-Drive™ driver allows the light to operate in constant output mode or in OverDrive™ strobe operation, depending on the needs of the application.

NanoDrive™: Led lights featuring NanoDrive™ technology are so fast that the turn “on” for full power/intensity is negligible when cameras image in microseconds.