Smart Vision Lights Enhances Teledyne FLIR IIS Forge Ecosystem with Advanced IP67-Rated Lighting Solutions

Norton Shores, Mich., Apr 29, 2024 – Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, is excited to announce a selection of washdown lighting solutions, including options rated IP67 and higher, that are compatible with the Teledyne FLIR IIS Forge 1GigE IP67 camera series. These durable and versatile lighting options are ideal for the challenging environments of smart agriculture, food, and beverage industries, offering seamless integration and superior performance in industrial factory automation settings.

Understanding the importance of compatibility and ease of integration in automation systems, Smart Vision Lights has engineered a range of lights that integrate into the Teledyne Forge ecosystem. Customers will benefit from a simplified installation process, with the confidence that these lighting solutions are built to operate cohesively within a larger system. The IP67 and higher ingress protection ensures that these lights withstand dust and water, reducing maintenance demands and extending operational lifespan in demanding industrial conditions.

The Smart Vision Lights lineup showcases a trio of form factors tailored to diverse industrial lighting needs within the Forge ecosystem, including the IP69K-rated LZEW linear washdown light, the RMXW140 washdown light, and an IP67-rated version of the popular JWL150 light (coming soon). These designs provide flexible application possibilities and are part of a broader ecosystem designed to maximize efficiency and utility in industrial settings.

Teledyne Flir Forge ecosystem, courtesy of Teledyne

Smart Vision Lights’ suite of washdown lights are integral to the comprehensive Forge ecosystem, designed to interface seamlessly with the Teledyne Forge 1GigE IP67 camera series. The integration process is further streamlined with brackets and cables from Components Express, Inc. (CEI), ensuring that projects move forward swiftly and without unnecessary complications.

“Our new lighting solutions, developed alongside Teledyne’s rugged Forge 1GigE IP67 cameras, are specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency in harsh environments,” stated Dave Spaulding, President and CEO of Smart Vision Lights. “With features like enhanced dust and water resistance, our products ensure reduced maintenance and a longer operational lifespan, crucial for the demanding conditions of the food and beverage and agriculture industries.”

Join Smart Vision Lights at Automate 2024, Booth #469, for a first look at our rugged washdown lights for harsh environments, integrated within the Forge 1GigE IP67 camera series ecosystem.