SVL Mini-Linis Featured in Matrox Photometric Stereo Video

Matrox has released a video on the photometric stereo technique featuring Smart Vision Lights products. Photometric stereo uses 3D surface orientation and its effect on reflected light to produce a contrast image accentuating local 3D surface variations.

In this video, a series of LM45 mini linear lights illuminates the object under inspection from four different directions, optimizing image capture. The algorithms analyze the reflection on the images and produce images with enhanced contrast. The resultant images emphasize surface irregularities such as scratches on a stainless-steel cylinder or a pinhole in a pill pack obscured by print and lighting.

Learn more about SVL’s LED Light Manager (LLM), which drives multiple lights or up to four individual zones or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution.