Smart Vision Lights Introduces Line of Machine Vision Filters

You might have heard that Smart Vision Lights has created a new division that will supply bandpass, colorpass, and polarized filters for the machine vision industry. We thought you might want to know more details about those products.


The first release from the new division is a series of bandpass, colorpass, and polarized filters designed to be matched with LED lights. Among the products in the new filter line are bandpass filters for blue, cyan, green, amber, red, and deep red LEDs; colorpass filters for the red and deep read; an infrared bandpass filter used to maximize contrast under IR lighting; and a linear polarizer used to eliminate glare. The latter product comes with rotating locking screw to maximize versatility.

The useful range for the new bandpass filters is:
• Blue bandpass: 440nm – 480nm
• Cyan bandpass: 470nm – 515nm
• Green bandpass: 500nm – 540nm
• Amber bandpass: 580nm – 610nm
• Red bandpass: 620nm – 660nm
• Red colorpass: 610 nm – 680nm
• Deep Red bandpass: 650nm – 680nm
• Deep Red colorpass: 640nm – 680nm
• Infrared bandpass: 840nm – 870nm
• Linear Polarizer: 400nm – 700nm

Smart Vision Lights is also offering a step down adapter from 27mm to 25.5mm and step up adapter from 27mm to 30.5 mm.

The goal of the division, which became operational recently, will be to provide customers with a one-stop shop at which to buy filters for LED lights.