Bandpass Filters



Bandpass filters allow you to control what your camera is seeing with greater contrast and a higher transmission for a reduced cost when compared to the conventional interference filter. Ideal for LED or laser diode application use. Common bandpass stock ranges from 25.5, 27, 30.5 and 46 mm.

FS03-BP470 Blue Bandpass Filters
FS03-BP505 Cyan Bandpass Filter
FS03-BP525 Green Bandpass Filter
FS03-BP590 Amber Bandpass Filter
FS03-BP635 Red Bandpass Filter
FS01-BP635 Red Colorpass
FS03-BP660 Deep Red Bandpass Filter
FS01-BP660 Deep Red Colorpass
FS03-BP850 IR Bandpass Filter
FS03-PLR Polarizer Filter

The Right Light for Your Application
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