Smart Vision Lights Hidden Strobe Technology Nominated for 2024 Inspect Award

We are thrilled to announce that our innovative Hidden Strobe™ technology has been nominated for the prestigious Inspect award. This nomination recognizes Hidden Strobe as a cutting-edge solution in the vision category, offering the benefits of strobing without the flash and significantly improving working conditions for employees on the factory floor.

Why Hidden Strobe is a Game-Changer

Strobing lights are crucial for high-speed image capture in machine vision systems, but they can be incredibly distracting and annoying. Hidden Strobe solves this problem by providing the benefits of strobing without the annoying flash.

How it works:

  • Hidden Strobe LEDs internally self-trigger thousands of times per second.
  • The short-triggered pulses occur continuously and follow the light’s duty cycle.
  • The human eye perceives light that flashes faster than 60 to 100 times per second as continuous, ensuring operators see a steady light.

Vote for Hidden Strobe

We invite you to support Hidden Strobe in the 2024 Inspect Awards. Your vote can help us bring this innovative technology to the forefront of the industry. Check out the list of nominees and cast your vote for Hidden Strobe:

About Hidden Strobe

Hidden Strobe offers all the advantages of strobing without the visual discomfort. It’s designed to enhance high-speed imaging by freezing images of fast-moving objects for clearer results. This technology is particularly beneficial in smart warehousing, where the use of strobing LED lights is becoming more common.

Traditional methods to mitigate the drawbacks of strobing include using non-visible lighting or adding shields around the system. However, these solutions can be complicated and costly. Hidden Strobe eliminates these issues, providing a simple yet effective solution.

We are proud of our Hidden Strobe technology and its nomination for the 2024 Inspect Award. This recognition highlights our commitment to innovation in machine vision lighting. Please consider voting for Hidden Strobe and helping us achieve this significant accolade.

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