Hidden Strobe™

The best thing you’ll never see

Patent-pending Hidden Strobe™ provides the benefits of pulsing without the headaches. Reduce the impacts of strobe lights on your team without the need for light shielding.

Get the benefits of strobing without annoying flashes

High-speed imaging requires strobing

Machine vision systems operate at increasingly high speeds, and the lighting must be capable of helping capture the right images. Strobing or pulsing an LED light helps freeze images of fast-moving objects for clearer images and better results.

As objects move faster, sometimes even more light is needed. Running a light in ‘overdrive’ mode — where the LED receives a short, high-power boost — produces even more light. Traditional overdrive mode can deliver light that is five times more intense than the same light running in continuous mode, while a new Dual OverDrive mode offers 10 times the light of a continuous mode. For this to work, the LEDs must be running in strobed mode.

Boxes for inspection on a conveyor belt.

The drawbacks of strobing lights 

Strobing machine vision lighting gets great results, but flashing lights can annoy and distract employees. With the growth of smart warehousing, the widespread use of strobing LED lights in open areas has escalated, amplifying the problem.

Many manufacturers try workarounds like using non-visible lighting in the strobes. This reduces the issues caused by strobing, but does not always provide the right light for an inspection.

Another workaround is to add shields around the machine vision system to protect employees, but this can be complicated and costly.

The difference is obvious. The strobe isn’t.

Hidden Strobe™ solves the issues of strobing LEDs without complicated workarounds. It offers all the benefits of strobing without compromising employee wellbeing.

Nominated for Inspect Award 2024

Inspect Award 2024 nomineeHidden Strobe has been nominated for a 2024 Inspect Award and  you can choose the winner! Consider voting for Hidden Strobe: Vote for Inspect Awards

How Hidden Strobe™ works

LED lights equipped with the new Hidden Strobe™ feature internally self-trigger thousands of times per second. The short-triggered pulses occur continuously and follow the duty cycle of the individual light upon which the feature is implemented.

Since the human eye perceives light that flashes faster than 60 to 100 times per second as continuous, this feature allows human operators working near the system to see the light as continuous.

When the light is triggered in sync with the camera to capture an image, the Hidden Strobe™ pulses stop and the programming pulse for the camera is executed. After image capture, the light returns to continuously generated Hidden Strobe™ pulses to deliver a “continuously on” appearance to anyone nearby.

Products with Hidden Strobe™

Hidden Strobe™ is available on our Lightgistics Series Lights, designed specifically for reliable barcode reading in high-speed logistics environments.

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Lightgistics Series lights - machine vision lights for the logistics industry

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