Teledyne Dalsa Camera to Light

Teledyne Dalsa BOA Camera Series

  • Industry Standard M12 Connection
  • Power, Ground and Strobe pass through
  • Compatible with CTL Light Series

EZ Mount Ring Lights

  • Can also be mounted by T-Slot with T-nut
  • High Output LED’s housed in small industrial housing
  • Built-in smart driver with NPN & PNP control
  • Intensity control by analog 0-10VDC or integrated pot
  • Industrial Standard M12 style quick disconnect

More information on the EZ Mount Ring Lights can be found on the EZ Mount Ring Light page.

Teledyne Dalsa BOA Camera Series

Teledyne Dalsa camera adapter mounts directly to BOA Camera Series using Adapter Part# DF34.9-46.

Adapter Drawings
Teledyne Dalsa BOA Cable Data Sheet


Wiring for a Teledyne Dalsa BOA Camera to Single Light

Wiring for Single Light to a Teledyne Dalsa Camera

  • Direct Connection – Camera to Light
  • Custom 5-pin M12
  • Grey Cable Only

Required Grey Cables

SVL Part NumberLength
5PM12-J300-CTL300 millimeter
5PM12-J1000-CTL1 meter
5PM12-J2000-CTL2 meter

Connecting Instructions

Instructions on how to connect Teledyne Dalsa cameras to Smart Vision Lights products.

Connecting to the Teledyne Dalsa BOA Series