SVL’s SOBL Lights Illuminate Extrusion Measurement App

Smart Vision Lights distributor Automation, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minnesota) is using the SOBL Series of backlights to illuminate an automated system for measuring the length of aluminum extrusions. The application, on display at a variety of trade shows throughout the year, features a Parker PAC-controlled HMR gantry to place lengths of extrusion into a nest above the SOBL lights. A Cognex In-Sight VC200 dual smart camera vision system measures long parts by looking at the ends of the extrusions rather than the entire unit.

The two-camera system enables tighter accuracy because zooming in on the ends of the part results in higher-resolution images. Additionally, the use of two lower-resolution cameras instead of one extremely high-resolution camera over the full extrusion reduces system cost.

Cost-effectiveness and high performance informed Automation, Inc.’s, selection of Smart Vision Lights’ SOBL industrial backlights for the application. The built-in strobe input also offers a critical benefit. “This allowed our system to use direct I/O to toggle the lights without the need for additional relays or lighting controllers,” says Sam Liebo, lead applications engineer at Automation, Inc.

Automation, Inc., plans to display and operate the application full-time at its Minneapolis headquarters for customers visiting the facility. Automation, Inc., is a value-added distributor of vision, motion, pneumatic, electrical, process control, and machine components. They specialize in assisting customers with custom solutions designed for specific applications.

SOBL Backlight