Stemmer Technology Forum Hosts Over 500 Attendees

The Technology Forum Event, hosted by Stemmer Imaging GmbH is held every other November at the Dolce Hotel in Munich.  The inaugural event was held in 2013.  This years’ event offered 90 presentations and boasted exhibits from 40 Stemmer component vendors including Smart Vision Lights. Over 500 visitors attended the two day event setting nearly a new record for attendance.

At the conference machine vision experts talked about new technological developments in the industry, many of which were on display in the exhibition hall.

I gave a 20 minute presentation of lighting application examples titled, “Enlightened Illumination Techniques”.  Examples included “Measuring the Outer Diameter of Hardwood Logs” in an outdoor setting with high intensity infrared illumination, “Inspect Caps on Plastic Bottles and OCR at 900ppm” using multiple cameras and a single light, “Automotive Interior Trim Panel Tab & Clip Inspection” with a two camera inspection to maximize contrast of two inspections, “Custom Lighting Illuminates Blister Packaging Lines” for highly reflective linescan inspection, and “Presence Absence of Candy Cane Packages” which uses infrared illumination to eliminate plastic wrap reflections and verify proper packaging.

More about the Machine Vision Technology Forum can be found here.