AHTD Fall Meeting … Elevate To Peak Potential

October 15th thru the 18th, Smart Vision Lights attended the fall AHTD meetings in Colorado Springs Co.  As always it was great to see many of our amazing Distributors from all over the world come together in one place.  It was great to see many of you and catch up for a short time.

The opening speaker and my favorite was Adam Steltzner, Ph.D, Lead Landing Engineer Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Project, NASA.  What an amazing story about how he led the landing team to a successful landing of the rover on Mars.  He talked about how the team worked together through many brain storming sessions, and made sure that everyone knew, no ideas were bad ideas allowing the best ideas to germinate.  One statement he made that struck me was that “great innovation, invention and engineering creates what does not exist and takes us to the next level.”  This struck a cord with me, because this is exactly what we strive for every day at Smart Vision Lights.  We want to be the masters of invention and innovation.

On Thursday evening we enjoyed meeting with many of our AHTD Distributors and showing them some of our new products at the Product Showcase.  We created a lot of buzz with the new TSLOT300 light.  This light is simple and very versatile.  Just slide it in to one of the many 8020 extrusion profiles, and plug it in.  Great for area lighting and much more.

All in all, it was great top see you all.  See you next time.