Smart Vision Lights Advantages

Smart Vision Lights is the leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for any type of machine vision or automation camera application. From our innovative technologies to our training and support, there are many advantages to working with us.

Best Lead Time

Smart Vision Lights recognizes the importance of lead time for customers in the factory automation market. We strive to pull as many orders as possible from stock versus being built to order. Our supply chain is geographically located in close proximity to our manufacturing facility to accommodate an ultra-fast response. Our lead times are also important to new application testing as well as for service and repair situations.

  • Most products ship from stock same day or in less than three business days
  • Lead times are exceptionally short to support new application testing and service
  • Smart Vision Lights is accustomed to working with large OEMs and delivering thousands of products a month for large deployments

Made in the USA

Smart Vision Lights is a U.S.-based business. Our supply chain is geographically located in close proximity to our manufacturing facility to accommodate an ultra-fast response. The vast majority of our product content is domestically sourced within 100 miles of our manufacturing facility.

  • Local supply chain means we are supporting local jobs along with our community
  • The proximity of our suppliers allows us the flexibility to accommodate projects
  • Our rapid prototyping process provides our customers with lead times unmatched within the market

Smart Vision Lights Technology Difference

Built-In Driver

The vast majority of our products contain a built-in driver and this separates us from others in this industry. Our built-in driver technology greatly simplifies the installation, wiring and time required to bring a system online; greatly reducing your overall cost of ownership and resulting in a simple yet elegant solution. Our built-in driver technology also saves you cost because an external driver and cables are not required for a constant-on or strobed application.

  • Allows for full function of the light without the need of a costly external controller
  • Greatly simplifies the setup and integration of the light into the inspection system

We have the following types of drivers to support your machine vision inspection requirements:


Our integrated intelligent OverDrive™ driver monitors the strobe operation, maximizing output during vision system inspections.


The Multi-Drive™ driver allows the light to operate in constant output mode or in OverDrive™ strobe operation, depending on the needs of the application.


Led lights featuring NanoDrive™ technology are so fast that the turn “on” for full power/intensity is negligible when cameras image in microseconds. This allows for an increase in the number of strobes the light can produce per second.


Smart Vision Lights has developed innovative solutions that our customers can only get from us.

Smart Vision Lights Expertise

Solutions Experts

Our expert team can provide advice on using illumination, optics, and filters, and create application solutions to guide you to success.

Engineering Experts

Our engineering team creates lights that are revolutionizing the machine vision industry and innovates solutions to your toughest issues.

Training Experts

We’re the go-to for the how-to for machine vision education and training. Learn about our in-person and online training.

Total Value Solution

Our customers get solutions, products, collaboration and much more to ensure they get the maximum value for their time and investment.


All Smart Vision Lights products are meticulously designed, assembled, and tested thoroughly before being shipped. Smart Vision Lights offers a 10-year warranty on most of our products, guaranteeing our products to be free of manufacturer defects, including any made in the assembly process and in the materials. Get details on our warranty.

IEC Testing Lab

Our in-house laboratory ensures that our products meet IEC 62471 safety standards. The lab includes a Gooch & Housego Spectroradiometric system consisting of an OL 750-M-D double monochromator with integrating sphere, including germanium, lead sulfide, and silicon high-sensitivity detectors for performing highly accurate optical radiation measurements. The new equipment enables Smart Vision Lights certified lab technicians to independently measure and validate IEC 62471 data including radiance and irradiance of optical radiation from 200 nm through 3000 nm wavelengths. The entire lab will regularly undergo periodic Intertek audits to maintain its Level IV status.

The new Level IV LED light testing and certification lab means that all Smart Vision Lights’ LED light sources are tested and documented to meet international light performance and safety standards, including IEC 62471, “Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems.”