The Technology Changing the Industry

Fastest to Full Power – Now Available!

LED lights featuring NanoDrive™ technology are so fast that the turn “on” for full power/intensity is negligible when cameras image in microseconds.

Lighting applications today require light sources to reach full intensity in a shorter time to keep up with faster image acquisition by high-speed cameras. To meet this demand, Smart Vision Lights has developed a driver capable of delivering full power to a light in 500 nanoseconds or less. The NanoDrive™ is designed to allow tens of amps to reach the LEDs of the light within nanoseconds, resulting in a light reaching its full LED power/ light intensity within that time frame. This patent-pending technology is featured in most new Multi-Drive™ and OverDrive™ products developed by Smart Vision Lights starting in 2019. Multi-Drive™ lights use a constant current driver that allows for continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode.

High-Speed Imaging

High-speed inspection requires fast image acquisition or a short image exposure. Image acquisition requires lighting to be strobed at a rapid rate, providing enough light to “freeze” an image properly with little to no pixel blur. Lights built using NanoDrive™ technology are able to rapidly reach full intensity in nanoseconds when strobing, allowing for a very short image acquisition time and helping to minimize or remove ambient lighting.

When using a high-speed camera, area scan and line scan applications, such as height speed inspection line, will benefits form faster lighting.

High Number of Strobes per Second

Lights featuring NanoDrive™ allow for a very short image acquisition time. The very short “On” time is comparable to the “Off ” time of the light, allowing for an increase in the number of strobes the light can produce per second. When a light featuring NanoDrive™ is configured to a 1-microsecond pulse width and a 10% duty.

OverDrive™ Line Scan

High-speed, high-output lights are essential for line scan applications. Smart Vision Lights recognizes this need and is developing a line scan light able to operate in OverDrive™ strobe mode. This first in the industry allows for higher intensity output from a line scan light without overheating. Combined with NanoDrive™ technology, Smart Vision Lights line scan lights can be strobed up to 100,000 strobes per second at their maximum output.

Products Featuring NanoDrive™

Smart Vision Lights is including the NanoDrive™ technology in most new products equipped with Multi-Drive™ and OverDrive™. Multi-Drive™ allows for a single light to use either continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode, depending on wiring configuration.


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