Multi-Zone Ring Lights

Multi-Zone Ring Lights are designed for compact 3D photometric stereo applications. Compact and powerful, the low-angle mini ring lights work best for dark-field ring applications and radial illumination lighting configurations.

Multi-Zone Ring Lights are sold in kits with the 4ZMD four-channel LED driver, which permits control of up to four separate lights or light zones, either independently or simultaneously, in any combination and at any intensity level. The 4ZMD strobes the lights independently for photometric and multi-light applications.

When connected to SVL’s new programmable LED Light Manager (LLM), each channel of the Multi-Zone Ring lights can be set to continuous on, off, or any intensity level in between, as well as OverDrive™ strobe mode.

This technology is available in the RM75-4Z, RM140-4Z, and the DFLW-200-4Z.

RMF60-KIT Mini Ring Light