Machine Vision Lighting Technology

Smart Driver™

Smart Vision Light revolutionizes the machine vision lighting industry with an intelligent constant current built-in driver, the
Smart Driver™. Lights featuring a Smart Driver™ do not require an external driver. The small and extremely powerful Smart
Drivers™ are specifically engineered for lighting machine vision camera’s in the vision industry. The Smart Driver™ features both
PNP and NPN trigger signal input for strobing or turning on/off the light.


OverDrive™ strobe series of lights includes an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control. No need for an external driver to control the light is needed. The integrated intelligent driver monitors the strobe operation maximizing the lights output during inspections of the vision system. The integrated OverDrive™ controller offers both NPN and PNP trigger signal input for easy integration with smart cameras. OverDrive™ lights have a high speed reaction time that offer extremely fast repeatable pulse times.

OverDrive™ lights feature our SafeStrobe™ technology. This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LED’s are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits. This is especially beneficial for overdriving today’s high current LED’s. Repeatable intensity control and pulsing by using a microprocessor to watch and control the power to the LED’s for safe operation.

Multi-Drive ™

Multi-Drive™ combines Continuous operation and OverDrive™ strobe mode into one driver. Multi-Drive™ allows the user to run the product in Continuous operation or pulse/strobe (OverDrive™) the light at the maximum allowed intensity by simply setting the product parameters. OverDrive™ strobe operation is five times or more the power vs. continuous operation. The built-in Multi-Driver™ also protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure caused by excessive heat by regulating the current delivered to the LEDs and limiting the duty cycle of the light.

Multi-Drive™ is great when faster imaging and/or capture/freeze motion on high-speed lines is required.

NanoDrive ™

High-speed inspection requires fast image acquisition or a short image exposure. Image acquisition requires lighting to be strobed at a rapid rate, providing enough light to “freeze”
an image properly with little to no pixel blur. Lights built using NanoDrive™ technology are able to rapidly reach full intensity in nanoseconds when strobing, allowing for a very short
image acquisition time and helping to minimize or remove ambient lighting.

Lights featuring NanoDrive™ allow for a very short image acquisition time. The very short “On” time is comparable to the “Off ” time of the light, allowing for an increase in the amount of strobes the light can produce per second. When a light featuring NanoDrive™ is configured to a 1 microsecond pulse width and a 10% duty cycle, the light is capable of 100,000 strobes per second. Learn more about the award winning NanoDrive™ lights.