What Is the Difference Between Continuous, Multi-Drive™ and OverDrive™ Lights?

Continuous Operation: Continuous operation refers to any Smart Vision Lights’ light that is rated to be continuously on. These lights are designed, tuned and tested to meet the thermal constraints of running for an indefinite period of time, without a duty cycle associated. 

Multi-Drive™: Multi-Drive™ lights have both a continuous operation and an OverDrive™ strobe driver built-in. A Multi-Drive™ light allows the user to run the product in continuous operation or strobe/pulse (OverDrive™) the light at the maximum allowed intensity by simply setting the product parameters.

OverDrive™: OverDrive™ strobe drivers enable Smart Vision Lights’ lights to be strobed/pulsed at up to 10 times the intensity of our continuous operation drivers. The OverDrive™ series of lights have a limited length strobe/pulse duration (refer to the data sheet) and a 10% duty cycle (unless noted on an individual light’s data sheet):

Duty Cycle for OverDrive™ strobe lights
Duty Cycle for OverDrive™ strobe lights

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