Detect Defects in Carpet Surface

Description of Application:

Customer requests inspection of the part to ensure the carpet is fully formed and free of defects.

Inspection Setup:

Vision system: Cognex Insight 7200 w/patmax
Illumination: L300-625 Linear
Lens: 9mm Fujinon 
Filter: w/ BP635-27
Extras: w/ none
(A) Lens Working Dist: ~ 27.0″
(B) Light Working Dist: ~ 27.0″
(C) Horizontal FOV: ~ 13.0″


In this application, surface flaw detection is used to detect defects in the carpet surface. For each 12 inch section, a system will be needed. Multiple cameras/lights will be needed to inspect a large piece of carpet for defects. The carpet must be fixtured for the application to be robust. The entire inspection takes roughly 140 m/s. A large amount of light is needed due to the speed of the application.

Evaluation conducted by Visor Ltd.

Application Images