Measuring the OD of Hardwood Logs

Description of Application:

We are automating measurement of the OD of hardwood logs cut to length, minus the bark. Once the diameter is known, the number of board feet in the log can be determined. The goal was to create a user friendly interface to a system that can work in all types of weather and lighting conditions.

Inspection Setup:

Vision Camera: Microscan 5mp CCD gigE
Illumination: XR256-IR Light is set to Strobing.


With the help of Casey Seagraves, we were able to find a light that will create a bright field image in all types of outdoor lighting conditions. We used the XR256 IR light with an IR band pass filter, a Microscan 5mp gigE camera, IFM laser measuring sensors and our custom software with a ton of math. Evaluation conducted by eSolutions.

Application Images