Inspect Rubber Wheel to Ensure Parts Are Inserted Properly

Description of Application:

Inspection of the parts to ensure the rubber wheel, molded plastic, and bushing are inserted correctly in the part, and are fully formed.

Inspection Setup:

Vision system: Cognex Insight 7200 w/patmax
Illumination: (2) S75-505 Bricklights
Lens: 16mm Fujinon
Filter: w/ BP505-25.5
Extras: w/ none
(A) Lens Working Dist: ~ 21.0″
(B) Light Working Dist: ~ 21.0″
(C) Horizontal FOV: ~ 6.0″


This Insight application uses patmax pattern tools, brightness tools, and contrast tools to ensure the part meets specification. The parts must be well fixtured and remain consistent for the application to remain robust. The height of the cameras can be altered to increase and decrease the field of view for the inspections. Each system will contain 1 camera and two lights. Both lights are needed to reduce shadowing and cause the needed reflection for the inspection.

Evaluation conducted by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company. This application was rated “Partially Feasible”.

Application Images