2D Barcode Reading Golf Ball Demo

Description of Application:

The goal of this demonstration application is to read a rolling golf ball with a 2D barcode printed on it. The image must be obtained as the ball is putted toward the hole to demonstrate the capabilities of high powered illumination and machine vision technology.

Product Image

Top view of setup for golf ball demonstration

Inspection Setup:

Illumination: ODDM-500-625 [DATAMAN 500 OverDrive Light Module 625nm Red]
Filter: BP635


Using a pair of Cognex DataMan 500 fixed mount barcode readers, each equipped with a Smart Vision Lights high powered illumination accessory (HPIA), the user putts the ball toward the hole. A sensor detects the presence of the ball as it passes by, and then triggers the DataMan master (which also triggers the slave). The trigger mode is set to “burst”, which takes several images as the ball rolls by. At least one of the two cameras can read the code at some point of the ball’s travel. This demonstrates the ability to read a small code on a curved and dimpled surface that is highly specular. The curved surface leads to extreme perspective and uneven lighting. The HPIA from Smart Vision Lights is critical in the success of the application because of its intense illumination and high speed strobing ability. This allows for extremely short shutter speed, which is need for to eliminate motion blur. The linear velocity is not extremely fast, but it is combined with the rotational velocity which makes it an impressive application.

Application Images