Presence/Absence Candy Cane Inspection

Description of Application:

Customer requests the inspection of completed candy cane boxes to ensure that the box is full and that the proper sticker/label is on the front of the box.

Attempt to accomplish the following:

  • Determine if the candy canes are in the boxes (12 canes per box)
  • Determine if the label/sticker is on the front of the box
  • System Cycle Time: 250ms inspection (4 boxes per second)

Product Image

Inspection Setup:

Illumination: L300-850-W [300mm Linear Light 850nm IR – “Connect-A-Light”] Light @ 75 Deg. Angle Across Part
Filter: BP850
(A) Lens Working Distance: 16″
(B) Light Working Distance: 9.5″
(C) Horizontal Field of View: 9″


There are a wide variety of candy canes that are made. The boxes and canes themselves can be any color or combination of colors. To combat this variation it is recommend utilizing infrared (IR) illumination. Infrared light is invisible to humans and also eliminates various colors of objects providing a grayscale image result. Infrared light is also used to see through packaging to inspect goods because it penetrates plastic wrappings eliminating any potential for glare or reflection. With the IR Light all the canes appear very bright white. If a cane is missing, the location where it should be appears dark.

Application Images

Above: The boxes are full of candy canes and the label is present.
Below: The boxes are full of canes however the label on the right is missing.