Keg Inspection System

Description of Application:

Keg inspection system automates the process of inspecting beer kegs for leakage. It is an optical inspection solution and is used to check keg seals for any leaks before kegs are finally packaged and shipped from the brewery. Expected goal of this project was to avoid customers complaints by detecting leaking at an early stage and save money.

Inspection Setup:

Illumination: (1) DLPW-NC-190×190-625 Lights (in Strobing mode)
Wavelength: 625 (Red)
Camera: Camsensor CS6


After implementing an in-line KEG inspection system at production line, customer was able to detect problematic micro leaks as well as damages or anomalies at spears. By detecting and removing faulty products at an early phase customer complains decreased by more than 50%.

Evaluation conducted by Visor Ltd.

Application Images