Inspect the Caps on Bottles at 900 ppm

Description of Application:

The EPIC Vision System purpose is to inspect the caps on bottles at a part rate of 900 ppm in a food environment (washdown requirements). The Vision System inspects the following features: High Cap, Cocked Cap, Tamper Band, Pull Up, OCR of printed Date Code on top of cap and Print Presence.

Inspection Setup:

Vision system: (4) Cognex 5600
Illumination: DLPW300x300-WHI
Light is set for Constant


The Cap Inspection consists of three horizontal cameras. A fourth camera is utilized for inspecting the Date Code printed on top of the Cap. The system utilizes a single SVL light for the 4-camera inspection. The light used is the DLPW300x300-WHI which met the necessary requirements for Washdown and Food Environment. This light acted as an overhead Flat Dome while allowing the top camera to inspect the printed Date Code on the top of the cap. Simple white back plates were used opposite of each camera that reflected the DLPW light effectively back-lighting the bottles. In addition, the light also indirectly front-lit the bottles which allowed for increased inspection techniques on the Tamper Band. So this single light produced: Top indirect Dome effect, Indirect front lighting for cameras and Backlighting (from reflectors) to distinguish the bottle outer-edge features… 1 light for a 4-camera, 360deg inspection. The system utilizes four Cognex Insight High Speed 5600 Cameras and outputs inspection results to a CompactLogix PLC for rejection of bad product.

Evaluation conducted by EPIC Systems, Inc.

Application Images