Inspect Pins to See if Any Are Bent

Description of Application:

Ensure the pins are in the correct location and not bent.

Inspection Setup:

Vision system: Cognex Insight 5403-11
Illumination: Smartvision LC300-470
Lens: 25mm Marco Schott Moritex Lens ML-MC25HR
Filter: BP470-27
Extras: NA
(A) Lens Working Dist: ~ 9.00″
(B) Light Working Dist: ~ 8.00″
(C) Horizontal FOV ~ 3.00″


This application uses multiple blob tools in order to ensure the pins are in the correct location. Patmax Pattern tools are used to locate the part. A fixture is needed to ensure the part is in the same place every inspection. A Cognex Insight 5403 is recommended due to the needed resolution for the inspection. One linear light is needed to illuminate the pins. The light must be this large to illuminate the outer pins.

Evaluation conducted by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company.

Application Images