UV Primer Is Present

Description of Application:

Inspection of the part to ensure the UV primer is present.

Inspection Setup:

Vision system: Cognex Insight 7200-11
Illumination: R130-850
Lens: ML-M2414MP Schott Moritex lens
Filter: BP470-30.5
Extras: Fine Adjustment Kit
(A) Lens Working Dist: ~ 28.0″
(B) Light Working Dist: ~ 28.0″
(C) Horizontal FOV: ~ 6.0″


Blob tools along with brightness tools are used to inspect the part. Direct illumination is used to create the needed contrast for the vision inspection. The part must be fixtured for the application to remain robust. A specialized Over Drive UV Light with silicone optics is needed to cause the primer to illuminate at this large distance.

Evaluation conducted by McNaughton-McKay Electric Company.

Application Images