LM150 Mini Linear Light
LM150 Mini Linear Light
LM150 Mini Linear Light
LM150 Mini Linear Light
LM150 Mini Linear Light
LM150 Mini Linear Light

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Product Advantages

  • Built-In Driver: This light features a built-in constant current driver, no external driver is needed.
  • IEC Safety: This light is in compliance with IEC 62471 standards and has been tested in our in house IEC safety laboratory.
  • Multi-Drive Allows the light to work in continuous operation or OverDrive strobe mode.
  • SafeStrobe Technology: This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LEDs are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits.
  • Best Lead Time: Most of our standard products ship within three business days.
  • Best Warranty: Learn more about the best warranty - up to 10 years - available today.

LM150 Mini Linear Light


The LM150 miniature linear light features an integrated Multi-DriveTM current driver that can operate in either continuous or OverDriveTM mode depending on the wiring configuration selected by the user. This light also features over-current protection and can be enabled/ strobed with either NPN or PNP inputs.

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Product Details

  • Illumination Type: Bright Field, Dark Field
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Min Working Distance: 50 mm
  • Max Working Distance: 2000 mm
  • Mode: Multi-Drive™
Configuration number: LM150