Webinar: The Evolution of VGR and Recent Technology Trends

We’re co-sponsors of Quality Magazine’s upcoming webinar that looks into the recent evolution of vision-guided robotics and helps guide companies looking for new automation solutions.

Date: 3/29/23
Time: 2:00 PM ET
Duration: 30 minutes

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Webinar overview

Vision guided-robotics (VGR) utilizing both 2D and 3D imaging solutions remains one of the hottest technologies and applications within the industrial automation space. The reach of VGR extends from automotive and aerospace to warehousing and logistics. In this webinar, we will look into the recent evolution of VGR as it tackles new and emerging applications. Both 2D and 3D guidance will be examined, as well as the trend toward application-specific and RAAS offerings in the industry. The discussion will include key recent technology trends to be aware of which may enable new automation solutions for your company. The webinar will service everyone interested in vision-guided robotics technology including company, quality, and plant management and engineering and operations regardless of marketplace.

In this webinar, our speaker will discuss:

  • A brief overview of the technological evolution of VGR over recent years.
  • Machine vision and how VGR is used in different solutions.
  • Current offerings in technologies and solutions both in robotics and machine vision.
  • Trends to watch for in VGR for automated applications.

Speaker: David Dechow, Machine Vision Source, LLC

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