Innovation and Expansion: SVL Grows Capabilities with Building Addition and Vertical Integration

The X factor

As the first in the industry to offer lights with a built-in driver, Smart Vision Lights has always been a leader in innovation. As other companies scrambled to catch up, we stayed ahead with our exciting NanoDriveTM technology, SmartVisionLinkTM app, and numerous patents.

Innovation requires constantly working to create the next big thing. What could be the next X factor to set us apart? With global tariffs, supply chain issues, and now a pandemic, we realized that taking on more work ourselves – reshoring several components and manufacturing them in-house, faster – would reduce the disruptions facing companies around the world. Speed would be our next X factor.

“In years past it was large companies eating up the small companies. Today and in the years to come the fast companies will eat the slow companies”

–Dave Spaulding, President & CEO of Smart Vision Lights

Growth and more growth

Smart Vision Lights was already positioned for growth. In 2019 we moved to a new 36,000 square foot corporate facility in Norton Shores, Michigan after outgrowing the North Muskegon facility. The new location gave more room to work, but also room to grow. And grow we did!

An additional 30,000 additional square feet of manufacturing space was added this year, nearly doubling the size of the building. This new space was designed to vertically integrate to drive innovation for the future.

Prototype to production, fast

In this new manufacturing space, we added electrical and machined components business units, shrinking the supply chain needed to manufacture our products, giving us an advantage in our industry.

Smart Vision Lights is the only machine vision light manufacturer with our own surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing line and on-site CNC machine centers for lighting housings, enabling us to move from prototype to production in days or weeks, not months or years.

The go-to for the how-to

Our new facility is equipped with a large classroom and state-of-the-art demo room. We offer free onsite training, pairing fundamentals of machine vision lighting with hands-on experience in our demo lab. Our knowledgeable staff can train you and your colleagues in the latest machine vision techniques and concepts. We’re the go-to for the how-to for machine vision education and training.

Learn more about machine vision training at Smart Vision Lights

And so much more

Our new capabilities set us apart, but there is even more we can do. Our optical testing lab not only covers EMI but also IEC 62471 compliance. These capabilities plus our ISO 9001 certification means that our customers can count on the highest quality design, production standards, and supply chain reliability.

Want more information about how we can help with your machine vision lighting needs? Contact us to talk with our machine vision lighting experts!