Smart Vision Lights Announces Universal Robots UR+ Certification for DoAll Multifunctional Light

Norton Shores, Mich., December 5, 2023 — Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, announces that its DoAll multifunctional light—which comprises six different machine vision lights—has received UR+ certification from Universal Robots.

UR+ offers systems integrators and end users an ecosystem of certified products designed specifically for use with Universal Robots’ collaborative robots, or “cobots.” All UR+ certified products undergo rigorous testing to validate compatibility with UR cobots. With the DoAll now UR+ certified, the light is now programmable through the included DoAll Light Manager, which is available directly on the robot’s teach pendant.

“With UR+ certification, an entire inspection plan can be programmed with the drag-and-drop interface in the teach pendant, from the positioning of the robotic arm to the acquisition of an image,” said Steve VanderZwaag, Vice President of Engineering at Smart Vision Lights. “Multiple inspection types can be saved and cycled through as needed, going forward.”

Flexible Inspections from Multispectral to Photometric

A winner of a platinum award in the 2023 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards, the DoAll light is designed to be mounted at the end of a robotic arm that combines six machine vision lights into one multifunctional solution. By combining a dome light, low-angle dark field ring light, mid-angle dark field ring light, RGBW ring light, four-quadrant ring light, and NIR ring light; the DoAll delivers a nearly limitless combination of lighting options, making it ideal for performing multiple inspections where optimal lighting configurations differ by inspection type. In addition, DoAll addresses the growing need for flexibility and ease of use in today’s automation systems.

“UR+ aims to deliver access to a range of reliable automation components and solutions that offer fast setup, flexible deployment, and ease of use,” said Michael DeGrace, UR+ Ecosystem Manager. “By offering a multifunctional lighting unit for the end of a cobot arm, the DoAll light offers users a solution capable of handling nearly any machine vision inspection, which represents the key value drivers of the UR+ ecosystem, helping to make automation more simple, fast, and flexible.”

In addition, the DoAll light can be deployed for applications involving specialized lighting implementations, including multispectral imaging, where the light can be deployed alongside a grayscale camera and leverage its RGBW, NIR, and UV wavelength capabilities to capture images beyond the visible wavelength. With a four-zone multi-drive LED driver, the DoAll light can also be used in photometric stereo imaging applications, which require the capture of multiple images from different illumination angles to extract features whose height varies from surrounding surfaces, such as reading raised letters on tires for identification purposes.

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