New Mini Ring Lights Target 3D, Photometric Machine Vision

MUSKEGON, Mich., September 26, 2018 — Smart Vision Lights, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, introduces the RM75-4Z and RM140-4Z four-zone LED mini ring lights. The first in a series of multi-zone ring lights, the RM75-4Z and RM140-4Z are designed for compact 3D photometric stereo applications. Compact and powerful, the low-angle mini ring lights work best for dark-field ring applications and radial illumination lighting configurations.

RM75-4Z Zone Ring LightThe RM75-4Z and RM140-4Z are sold with the 4ZMD four-channel LED driver, which permits control of up to four separate lights or light zones, either independently or simultaneously, in any combination and at any intensity level. The 4ZMD strobes the lights independently for photometric and multi-light applications.

When connected to SVL’s new programmable LED Light Manager (LLM), each channel of the RM75-4Z or the RM140-4Z can be set to continuous on, off, or any intensity level in between, as well as OverDrive™ strobe mode.

The RM75-4Z and RM140-4Z are designed for operating at working distances of 50 mm–200 mm. When used with the 4ZMD in OverDrive™ strobe mode, SafeStrobeTM technology provides overdrive protection to ensure that high-intensity LEDs are not damaged by being pushed beyond their maximum strobe times or duty cycles.

About Smart Vision Lights
Smart Vision Lights (Muskegon, Mich.) is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. Smart Vision Lights products come with universal internal current-control drivers, offering constant or strobed operation, reduced wiring requirements, and easy installation. Smart Vision Lights products are also the safest on the market thanks to the company’s in-house IEC 62741 light-testing laboratory, guaranteeing conformity and compliance for your lighting systems, regardless of where they are installed around the globe. Learn more at or by calling (231) 722-1199 in the U.S.