Linear Lights recognized among best in machine vision by Vision Systems Design’s 2021 Innovators Awards program

Two Smart Vision Lights products have been recognized for excellence in machine vision by Vision Systems Design’s 2021 Innovators Awards program.

The LTF (Linear Tunable Field of View) light series received the Gold award, while the LMX-75 compact linear light received the Bronze award. The awards program recognizes the top products and solutions in machine vision and imaging, as determined by a panel of senior third-party expert judges from system integrator and end-user companies.

The LTF series, the machine-vision industry’s first electronically controlled field-of-view lights, allows system integrators and end users to adjust the light projection angle without moving parts and configure it to fit specific application needs. When used with the BTM-1000 Bluetooth accessory and the SmartVisionLink app, users can control the lighting angle and working distance by switching or mixing the channels to adjust the illumination angle and save and return to specific configurations.

LTF Linear Light with tunable field of view

Available in every standard wavelength, as well as IR, SWIR, and UV, the LTF is a three-channel light. The LED for each channel has either a wide, medium, or narrow lens. The lights efficiently focus available photons through the optics at any working distance with high efficiency across all projection angles and employ sturdy components to protect lensing and lights from shock, vibration, and user adjustments in the field.

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The LMX75-UVC offers a unique mix of illumination features to apply both disinfecting light and application illumination from a single source. It includes an internal driver with OverDrive™ strobe operation for machine-vision applications and innovative silicone optics that are transmissive in the UV. The light also comes in optional aluminum- or nickel-plated enclosures for food inspection with an IP65 washdown rating. The LMX75-UVC’s innovative electronic design delivers visible light, UV-C light, and the drive in a single housing.

LMX75-UVC light for machine vision - inspects and sanitizes.

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