Why You Need a Lighting Partner, Not Just a Lighting Supplier

At Smart Vision Lights, we listen! We’ve heard loud and clear from our customers that you need more than just another lighting supplier. You need a partner you can rely on to provide more than just a light. A partner who has your back with the most sophisticated advanced solutions for your vision needs and the best service and support bar none in the industry. Which is why we are committed to working hard each and every day to meet your requests and needs.

Many factors drive your team at Smart Vision Lights to continuously improve and decrease the costs of our lighting products: advancements in machine vision, demand from end users, and input from our distributors for high-quality, higher-intensity LED lighting made easy to integrate into today’s advanced cameras.

As the one of the only lighting companies to offer a 10-year warranty, Smart Vision Lights leads the industry in product innovation and support, not to mention our fast shipping and topnotch service. In fact, our mission statement says it all:

“We are committed to being the Global Leader in innovative design, engineering, and manufacturing of the highest quality products in the Specialty Lighting Industries. We are committed to the release of new and improved products on an ongoing basis to meet the ever changing needs and demands of our customers. We will accomplish this by putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own, continuously improving our products, continuously improving our overall customer service, continuously improving our processes, and continuously improving every detail of our business.”

We appreciate your trust and confidence, and we value your business. Thank you from all of us at Smart Vision Lights.

Dave Spaulding