Smart Vision Lights Bolsters Influence at UK’s UKIVA Conference

Smart Vision Lights broadens its impact on the machine vision lighting market outside North America, most recently exhibiting at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition in Milton Keynes, UK.

This was our second year in a row at the event, which drew 550 attendees. Tony Carpenter, SVL’s Director of Sales in Europe and Asia, managed our booth, where we demonstrated three different lighting configurations illuminating a set of Allen keys with an orange handle:

  • White ring light from above (detail of the object)
  • White backlight (profile)
  • Red low angle (showing the orange as white as a contrast to the black keys)

This setup showed that you need not only the right intensity of light but also the right color and angle.

Additionally, the SVL booth showcased our new SX30 (N4)  and RM140 lights, along with some of our other products. We also saw lots of interest in our projector light, which projected the SVL logo over the gangway.

And we can’t forget about Tony making friends with a new type of customer — the robot may be a sign of things to come!