Get CVP-Certified at the Innovative Illumination Summit

You’ve heard about the Smart Vision Lights Innovative Illumination Summit, which is scheduled for June 8-10 in Traverse City, MI. But did you know that at the Summit, AIA is offering basic and advanced Certified Vision Professional (CVP) testing?

Both exams will be available for administration at the Summit on June 8 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.

The costs are $175 for the Basic test and $495 for the Advanced test. The Basic exam takes about an hour, while the Advanced exam takes about two hours. One free retake is included if a passing grade is not obtained on the first try.

AIA offers free review materials for the CVP-Basic exam here. Review materials for the CVP-Advanced exam are available in .pdf format on a flash drive. The drive costs $375, and is available here.

Basic certification covers:
• The Fundamentals of Machine Vision
• Beginning Lighting for Machine Vision
• Beginning Optics for Machine Vision
• Camera and Image Sensor Technology Basics
• Image Processing Fundamentals

Advanced certification covers:
• Advanced Color Theory and Applications
• Reliable Vision Application Development
• 3D Vision Technology
• Non-Visible Imaging Theory and Techniques
• Designing High-Speed and Linescan Vision Systems
• Advanced Vision Lighting
• Advanced Optics for Vision
• Metrology and 2D Calibration Techniques
• Particle Analysis and Classification Techniques
• Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology
• Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
• Advanced Machine Vision Integration

Getting certified means securing your CVP credentials. Taking the CVP-Advanced level exam without prior classes is only recommended for experienced vision professionals. Continuing education every three years is required to maintain certification.