Get an RFQ with the Smart Product Selector

Find the right product and request a quote

Watch the overview video, or read through the steps below to see how the Smart Product Selector works.

Use the filters

On the Smart Product Selector page, use the filter options to get to the right product.

Select your requirements

Looking for a Linear Light? Under category, select Bar/Linear lights. The list of lights below will only show lights in that category. Need a particular wavelength? Choose it from the wavelength dropdown.

Once you have selected your requirements, choose your product from the list.

Select product details

On the product detail page, you can see the details for your light, including data sheets and CAD drawings. Select the details you need, then choose “Add to RFQ”

Your RFQ cart

Now you will see your RFQ cart. When you have all the products you need, go ahead and “Proceed to Submit Your RFQ”.

Submit your RFQ

Complete the form and submit your RFQ. After you submit, you’ll get a confirmation email immediately. A customer service representative will get back to you with pricing and shipping information within 24 hours — the same day in most cases.

The Smart Product Selector makes it easy to find the right light for your needs and a get a quote, fast.

Try the Smart Product Selector now.