Dual OverDrive

Boost light far beyond traditional overdrive

Engineered to boost light output far beyond traditional overdrive light modes, Dual OverDrive combines standard OverDrive with new Deca OverDrive, providing up to 10x the amount of output as traditional continuous operation.

Bright lights for high speeds

Dual OverDrive is the revolutionary technology behind our Lightgistics Series lights.

Dual OverDrive provides both standard OverDrive and Deca OverDrive modes from a single integrated driver. Users can select the lighting mode via the strobe duration. Dual OverDrive will always begin with 1 ms of Deca OverDrive, followed by standard OverDrive.

The intense output of Dual OverDrive ensures intensely bright light, even with glare-reducing polarizers. Bright light makes it easier to capture clear images at high speeds.

Diagram of Dual Overdrive pulses
Sample pulse diagram from the JWL150-DO. Each light will have it’s own max pulse width and duty cycle.

Exceptional energy management

Dual OverDrive features specially designed onboard energy storage coupled with a charging management circuit to ensure powerful bursts of energy with a low consistent electrical draw.

Traditional overdrive circuits provide extra bright bursts of light fed by high currents, often as high as 15 or 20 amps. Many smart cameras and other integrated vision appliances are typically limited to just a few amps and cannot support the higher bursts of other overdrive lights. Also, the supply lines commonly found on many factory production floors require supplied power remain under 100W (4A at 24 VDC) absolute at all times.

With Dual OverDrive technology, the current draw even on larger lights can be limited to less than 3 amps peak.



Insanely bright lights up to 10x brighter than continuous lighting.


Brighter lights means faster shutter speeds. Catch objects in motion like never before.


Intense light pulses ensure enough output even with glare-reducing polarizers.

Dual OverDrive technology in our Lightgistics Series lights

JWL150-DO logistics light for barcode scanning and OCR


Compact and highly integrated

JWL225 light for logistics barcode reading


High output at longer working distances

RHI200 ring light for logistics and barcode scanning


64 LEDs for the brightest light at the longest working distances

LHI-DO logistics light with Dual OverDrive


Intense light to handle any package of any size in any material

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