RHI200 ring light for logistics and barcode scanning

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Product highlights

  • Dual OverDrive features Deca OverDrive with 10x standard light output
  • Direct connect and control through camera’s trigger output
  • Built for high speed conveyor systems
  • Compatible with most common major machine vision cameras
  • Designed for use with a polarizer

RHI200-DO lighting for logistics


The RHI200-DO is an OverDriveTM only light source meant to provide external illumination for logistics. The RHI200-DO is a high intensity ring light that can be used with long working distances and features optional mounting brackets for most major machine vision cameras.

Get more light with less power with exceptional energy management

Our specially designed onboard charging capacitors ensure powerful bursts of energy with a low consistent electrical draw.

Hidden StrobeTM

Get the benefits of strobing without the annoying flash. The RHI200-DO is available with our Hidden Strobe technology, delivering a “continuously on” appearance to anyone nearby while still strobing for the camera. Hidden StrobeTM is ideal for applications with short exposure times and a high repetition rate. Learn more about Hidden StrobeTM

The Lightgistics Series lighting for the logistics industry: Brighter. Faster. Better. 

The RHI200-DO is part of the Lightgistics Series – machine vision lights made for the logistics industry.

Product Details

  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Illumination Type: Bright Field, Direct Lighting
  • Min Working Distance: 500 mm
  • Max Working Distance: 2000 mm
  • Mode: Dual OverDrive
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