Best Vision Application Top Prize Winner!

How SMART Are They?

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company took this year’s $1,000 top prize by showing us how they use Smart Vision Lights products in their automotive panel tab and clip inspection system. Using two Cognex In-Sight® 7020 Vision Systems with L300-625-W Linear Lights in their automotive inspection process, McNaughton-McKay evaluates parts to ensure that the black tabs are bent in place and the brass clips are present.

What do Kegs, Logs, and Whiskey Barrels Have in Common?

These applications are all runners-up in this year’s contest and serve as examples of the wide variety of complex and creative uses for Smart Vision Lights products. From ensuring quality control to increasing accuracy in outdoor operations and eliminating waste, these applications demonstrate the many smart ideas of our customers.

Saving Every Last Drop – KEG Inspection System, submitted by Visor Ltd

The KEG inspection system uses an optical inspection solution to check keg seals for any leaks before kegs are packaged and shipped from the brewery. Successful implementation of this application allowed detection and removal of faulty products at an early phase, decreasing customer complaints by more than 50%.

Sawing Logs in Every Condition – Measuring the Outer Diameter of Logs, submitted by eSolutions

Using an XR256 IR light with an IR band pass filter, a Microscan 5 MP GigE camera, IFM laser measuring sensors, and custom software, this application measures the outer diameter of hardwood logs minus the bark, allowing the user to determine the number of board feet in a log. The system works in all types of weather and lighting conditions.

Waste Not, Want Not – Eliminate Waste in Building Whiskey Barrel, submitted by Mac Manufacturing Company

In whiskey barrel manufacturing, white oak planks too small for barrel staves are used to manufacture barrel heads. In this application, workers assemble the non-uniform pieces of wood on an assembly table complemented by a Smart Vision Lights’ LED projector. The LED projector provides not only a clear outside perimeter on the wood surface to minimize waste during the cutting process, it also produces a defined center location that can be marked for operations downstream from assembly.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest for showing us how SMART you are!