ACS is the Big Winner at Smart Vision Lights’ Summit

The winner of our lighting application contest, which was held at our first-ever Innovative Illumination Summit earlier this month, was Advanced Control Solutions.

Harris Jones, vice president – Engineering at ACS, and his colleagues won the $2,000 grand prize in the contest, which sought to find the best vision application, feasibility test, or white paper featuring one or more of Smart Vision Lights’ LED arrays.

Jones’ clear-bottle application took six different-sized and -shaped clear bottles that were labelled on the front and back, then filled with honey. The goal of the application was to identify the orientation of the bottle and communicate to servo-driven orienting belts to present correctly turned bottles to the front- and rear-label applicators.

Even though two styles of bottles required two different lighting techniques, Jones and his team were able to do this successfully with the bottles using a single Smart Vision Lights LLP model backlight. They also used Cognex ISM1400 and IS7200 cameras in conducting the application.

The top vision application was judged best among five finalists who presented their applications at the Summit. Second- and third-place winners received $500 gift cards.