IEC Testing Lab

Smart Vision Lights’ IEC testing lab includes a new Gooch & Housego Spectroradiometric system consisting of an OL 750-M-D double monochromator with integrating sphere, including germanium, lead sulfide, and silicon high-sensitivity detectors for performing highly accurate optical radiation measurements. The new equipment enables Smart Vision Lights certified lab technicians to independently measure and validate IEC 62471 data including radiance and irradiance of optical radiation from 200 nm through 3000 nm wavelengths. The entire lab will regularly undergo periodic Intertek audits to maintain its Level IV status.

The new Level IV LED light testing and certification lab means that all Smart Vision Lights’ LED light sources are tested and documented to meet international light performance and safety standards, including IEC 62471, “Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems.”