Smart LED Driver… Innovation Is as Innovation Does, Sir!

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have an Internal LED Driver? The answer to that question tells you a lot about the industrial LED suppliers.  First, let’s look at the undeniable facts:

Internal drivers mean you have one less thing to buy, one less thing to install, and fewer headaches overall. So why are all the other LED manufacturers just now starting to put internal drivers in their new products?

It’s not cost. Smart Vision Lights has always put our SMART driver inside every light, and we don’t cost more than the competition. So, external drivers aren’t cheaper.

It’s not performance. Our SMART internal LED drivers do everything you need: current control; continuous or strobe operation; NPN/PNP strobe input triggers; intensity adjustments, etc.

It’s not about LED lifetime. Competitors will say it’s because it allows the customer to replace a driver if it fails, but how often to LED drivers fail? Ours don’t, which is why we have the best warranty in the LED lighting business – 10 years of guaranteed protection. So why doesn’t everyone offer internal LED drivers? The real answer is that it’s cheaper for the manufacturer to produce an external driver though it makes more work for the customer. Ask yourself: If external drivers are better than internal drivers, then why are most new LED lights coming with internal drivers?   Smart Vision Lights has led the LED lighting industry by putting every driver in the light housing, and testing every light against the latest standards including new safety standards like IEC 62471. It’s easy to claim innovation, but it’s better to lead by example, don’t you think? It’s just SMART business.

Just the Facts Ma’am:  Some of you are nodding right now, but like me, you like proof, otherwise it is just marketing spin. So, let’s look at the competition and what they offer:

Company A –  No internal driver, they offer an “in-line” driver in the power cable.

Company B –  Mainly external drivers

Company C – Traditionally external drivers but new lights have internal drivers. Internal drivers are “constant” operation.

Company D – Internal drivers that are “constant” operation

Company E – Mainly external drivers except some newer lights have an internal driver (less than 5% of models). The internal driver does over drive the LED’s in strobe or flash mode.

Company F – Internal on new lights and external driver on older lights, but internal drivers are “constant” operation only.

Company G –  All external drivers Many of the lights listed above will use a third party driver.

But if something goes wrong, whom do you turn to for solutions: the light OEM or the driver manufacturer?  If you’re a customer that needs stringent light controls for your industrial application, and you don’t buy from Smart Vision Lights, you’ll likely have to spend several hundred dollars on an external driver, but that’s just the beginning of your pocketbook woes.  You’ll have to pay for wiring up an additional controller, programming the drivers with the right parameters for that light (do it wrong and you’ll damage the light), and add panel space to mount the external drivers.

Shift Into OverDrive with SMART Drivers In addition to avoiding the extra labor, wiring, and space requirements that come with an external driver, Smart Vision Lights’ SMART Drivers also come with OverDrive capability for strobe and flash operations. SMART benefits include:  Ease of use – light and controller, 1 wiring.

  • No Programming – Light voltage and current are set. Timing is set to follow the camera AND lights are monitored for protection so the light cannot be damaged.
  • Power – OverDrive lights store energy in the light. Depending on the strobe time the light will store the energy/current needed. This allows high output light to be directly connected to a smart camera with the need of an additional power supply. The light will steadily draw current and store the energy for the strobe/flash.
  • Cost – Our lights usually cost less our competitors with the additional controller…Add in an external strobe driver and you’re paying a lot more for a lot less light.