New Projects Highlight SVL’s Custom Light Design Capabilities

Matt Pinter, head engineer of Smart Vision Lights, loves it when a customer throws down the gauntlet, asking for a custom light design that they can’t find anywhere else. Here are a few designs that recently came out of SVL’s laboratory:

    • We worked with Chris B. Boehnen, Ph.D., Team Lead Secure Computer Vision Team, from a multi-program science and technology laboratory, who needed an IR Ring light that had a very low divergence of light, almost collimated ring light. A SWIR “Cannon” light was provided for this application, which required a uniform (homogenous) light with a range of 3 feet to 15 feet coverage.
    • A logistics customer needed a light for reading barcodes from a distance of up to 2 meters. We started with our OverDrive ODDM light module, and adjusted the light focus to match the camera’s field of view. The OverDrive high output helped the system to capture high quality images during the extremely short exposure times and high frame rates used in many logistics applications.
    • Another recent customer required a high-output light with linear polarization. This light was designed specifically to handle the extra heat generated by the light rejected by the polarizing filter.
  • A large pharmaceutical customer recently needed lights for an inspection line for blister packages containing capsules, tablets, and clear gel caps on various backgrounds. The solution – the TL305 Diffuse On- and Off-Axis Light  – provided a solution that reduced “hot spots” and glare.

These are just some examples of custom lighting applications that we have designed with our customer’s specific needs in mind. Have a lighting challenge? Contact us – because at Smart Vision Lights we never stop innovating!