Are Your LED Products Safe?

iec-62471_lab4Smart Vision Lights continually shows commitment to leadership, continuous improvement, and community.  Leading the way in US machine vision light manufacturers to become a certified testing lab for LED Photobiological Safety testing, Smart Vision Lights has set the standard to assure safe, high quality products for customers.

Prior to the incorporation of IEC/EN 62471-2006(commonly referred to as IEC 62471), a majority of LEDs were tested and labeled in accordance with the IEC/EN 60825 laser safety standard. The IEC/EN 60825 standard, however, was not considered appropriate for conventional LEDs as they are not designed to be coherent light sources (except for laser diodes).  Also, the 60825 standard does not define risk groups for LED luminaires, so there is no consideration regarding changes in the eye safety risks created by elements other than individual LED components.

As a result, the newer standard, IEC 62471 (plus the supporting ANSI/IESNA RP-27 testing methodology), was adopted for conventional, or lighting class, LEDs.  This standard defines the characteristics to be respected to avoid health risks in the use of light, mainly for the eyes and skin.  Specifically, the levels   of Ultra-violet, infra-red and blue light are measured to precisely define the level of risk to a potential user.  The standard clearly defines 4 Risk Group Levels, from Risk Group 0 to Risk Group 3, with the following breakout/classification:

Risk Group 3 – High Risk
Risk Group 2 – Moderate Risk
Risk Group 1 – Low Risk
Exempt Group

Smart Vision Lights decided on our first encounter with this safety standard, required in many countries for a CE Mark of Compliance, to test ALL of our lights to be safe and compliant for humans using this guideline.

In 2013 Smart Vision Lights received certification for Light Safety Testing in relation to Photobiological Human Safety from a Nationally Registered Testing Lab. This required considerable investment in equipment, engineering, training, and manpower, which we at Smart Vision Lights felt this was “the right thing to do”.

Remember when you are choosing a light to incorporate into yours, or your customers’ process, that EVERY Smart Vision Light product has been tested and certified for compliance against the highest international guidelines for safety.  We aren’t willing to risk our customers’ health, are you?

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