Smart Vision Lights Instills Quality Throughout Product Lifecycle

To deliver the highest-quality product and service to customers, sometimes you need to take a deep dive into your own internal processes. Smart Vision Lights is doing just that with two major initiatives. We’ve recently attained ISO 9000:2015 certification for quality management. This certification ensures that Smart Vision Lights’ products and services consistently meet our customers’ expectations and requirements, and that we’re consistently improving quality.

In another commitment to quality, Smart Vision Lights hired a 22-year veteran Six Sigma Black Belt in 2016 to continue our commitment to the pursuit of excellence. This addition is ensuring continuous improvements throughout the daily practice and implementation of Lean Six Sigma. In addition to daily morning huddles, the team performs weekly PDCA (plan-do-check-act) to improve quality, efficiencies, and communication, as well as reduce waste.

We’re already reaping the benefits of our renewed commitment toward improving our lean practices on a daily basis, including in our environmental stewardship. Not only are we reusing boxes for packaging, we have implemented data codes on every product ID label on every product to reduce paper usage for data sheets by saving thousands of pieces of papers, which translates into saving many trees annually. And don’t forget about Smart Vision Lights’ IEC-62471 light safety compliance laboratory, which complies with ISO 17025 and guarantees conformity and compliance for your lighting systems, regardless of where they are installed.

Thanks to our customers for your trust and confidence in us as we continue to develop fresh, creative ways to solve your lighting challenges.

Dave Spaulding, President
Smart Vision Lights