Structured Light Lenses



Smart Vision Lights offers Tamron lenses.

Part NumberDescription
CLENS0006Tamron 1/1.8ƒ Format 2MP 6mm Megapixel Lens
CLENS0008Tamron 1/1.8ƒ Format 2MP 8mm Megapixel Lens
CLENS0012Tamron 1/1.8ƒ Format 2MP 12mm Megapixel Lens
CLENS0016Tamron 1/1.8ƒ Format 2MP 16mm Megapixel Lens
CLENS0025Tamron 1/1.8ƒ 25 mm F/1.6 with Lock for Megapixel Cameras
CLENS0050Tamron CCTV 50mm Lens

The Right Light for Your Application
Smart Vision Lights provides a 45-day Consignment Program that is used for testing light(s) on vision applications. We also offer application and lighting evaluations. Contact us to speak with one of our lighting specialists.

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