Step-Up Adapter Kits



Step-Up Adapter Kits allow the M46 thread on ring lights to be mounted directly to the threads found on the front-end of most popular lenses. Step-Up Adapters allow for mounting a lens that is smaller in diameter to an EZ Mount Ring Light or camera adapter for a Mini Ring Light. Kits include a step-up adapter, six M2 set screws, and a hex wrench.

Part NumberDescription
SU25.5-4625.5 mm lens thread
SU27-4627 mm lens thread
SU30.5-4630.5 mm lens thread
SU34-4634 mm lens thread
SU35.5-4635.5 mm lens thread
SU37-4637 mm lens thread
SU39-4639 mm lens thread
SU40.5-4640.5 mm lens thread
SU43-4643 mm lens thread

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